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Enter the Madhouse


The Naked Truth

Just in case we have never met, and so you can get know a little bit about me, my name is Daniel.


Some people call what I do branding, some marketing, others advertising, the rest digital. But I’ve never been comfortable with people trying to pigeonhole what I do. I offer a full range of skills that work beautifully together, to make you and your brand more successful.

My success comes through understanding the audiences you engage with, building relations and creating individually tailored experiences for your customers.


Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex


A little bit about me

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My Approach

My unique no-nonsense, value for money approach gets to the heart of your business, and your brand, to identify clear steps to achieve your sales and marketing goals – whether that’s defining your brand, reaching your market, creating engaging content, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, delivering a clear message, presenting a consistent identity or showing you how to make social media your best friend in business.

Discover the difference that I can bring to your business, find out more about my approach, my experience, my portfolio, or simply say hello.

My Experience

I have gained over 25 years experience in the business (more than a life sentence). I have been lucky enough to work both client side and agency side with some of the world’s most iconic brands, corporate leaders, exciting start-ups, inspirational schools and moving charities – providing what I like to call; visually led thinking.

My Methods

I begin any project by gaining a good understanding your requirements. With my unique Intellibrand (brand audit service) your brand’s personality, tone of voice, objectives, target audience and competitors are all evaluated to ensure a point of difference is created.

It’s a brilliantly simply but equally intelligent process that provides a foundation for brand launch or growth. I put intelligent creative ideas at the very heart of I do – striving to create outstanding work that is distinctive, engaging and above all, memorable.

My Madness

The belief that madness is linked with creative thinking has been held since ancient times. It is a widely popular notion. “Deviant behavior, whether in the form of eccentricity or worse, is not only associated with persons of genius or high-level creativity, but it is frequently expected of them.”

Well, all I can say is that my often-odd way of thinking tends to get results and keeps clients coming back for more and recommending me to others. For me there is no higher accolade than recommendation.

Who I Work With

The perfect client
I work on a diverse range of fun and exciting projects with a wide range of clients and brands. Corporate, SME, FMCG, Public Sector, Schools, Charities the list goes on. For me, the size of the client or project is second to the size of the potential.

Many of my best clients and best work once started with a simple logo design or website when they were a start up. The challenge remains the same and often the smaller projects have the greater potential for returns. Equally, the smaller the client, the more likely they are to embrace new ideas.

Who I Don’t

"fuck off" hand sign

I’m not a big fan of tyre kickers. You know, the sort that fish for prices, have you pitch several times over and then beat you down on price. I simply don’t have the time to deal with these and have built a good enough portfolio and reputation to not need to.

I work with people that I want to work with and that want to work with me and value my skills and ideas. We both enjoy the experience and we both benefit from the relationship. It really is a much better way to work.

My Media

I’ve worked with every media channel you can think of, in one form or another. Rather than steering you towards one particular marketing channel – which may or may not be right for your business – I’ll recommend a strategy that involves the media channel or collective channels that best suits the needs of your brand. Being independent has huge benefits for my clients.

My Website

I design and build mobile and tablet responsive websites using WordPress because it’s highly efficient, very cost effective and my clients find it easy to use and update. (which means it stays fresh and exciting and people come back for more)

Plus it is flexible enough to support whatever is needed from a basic website to a fully interactive site supporting full eCommerce or digital apps. When I take on a new digital project I will provide the research, strategy, design, copywriting, photography, development, launch and promotion to ensure that it becomes a huge success. Please take time to look around my site and give me any feedback.

My Availability

My door is always open. I love to work with like-minded people. It makes for better outcomes and creates a great working atmosphere – I believe work shouldn’t feel like work at all.

I work together in partnership with both clients and agencies; many of which have become very good friends. I don’t believe in account managers, I’d much rather talk to you in person, ideally over a coffee. I like to limit my number of clients (and drinks) to ensure you get the best from me.

My Terms

With most projects I simply ask for a 50% deposit by bank transfer before scheduling the work. The remaining 50% is paid on completion and just before I send original artwork or publish live.

On larger projects and ongoing campaigns each stage is split up and a payment schedule agreed from the outset. I have always worked this way as it builds trust on both sides and a designer can’t survive on fresh ideas alone.

My Contact Details

I’d love to hear from you and discuss you and your brand.

Give me a call on 07785 57 55 52

send me a quick tweet @madaboutbrand

send me a message on email –

I’m really nice, bursting with ideas and love a good cake and coffee.

I believe strategy and planning is essential to creating a fully connected brand experience.

Brands that are well connected to their customers enjoy increased loyalty, added value and improved sales.

My straightforward, cost-effective approach gets to the heart of your brand to identify a clear strategy and deliver measurable results.


What the “&” means to me

The Ampersand looks good, sounds good and it lies at the heart of my own identity. I just gave it a little accent!

As a lover of typography, it’s also my favourite character and it represents the way I work. Working together in relationships with clients is, I believe, a real art – one that brings out the best in both of us and ultimately makes for the best results.


All brands should have a story to tell, and the ampersand is where my story starts. The ampersand looks great, sounds great and represents great things – togetherness, partnership, synergy, united, shared knowledge, something more, a real plus point, added-value, pulling together in difficult times, getting to know your strengths and learning to compliment them.

When we think of any of these benefits we think of people and all brands exist in people – you, your internal audience and your external audience make up your brand – and together we can get the best from all of them.


Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

You & Me

I work with some wonderful people. ‘&’ means I work ‘with’ you. Not ‘for’ you. Whether ‘you’ are a client or an agency. I roll my sleeves up and get involved at every level, constantly looking for new opportunities to help further your business. I work very closely with my clients. I like to go above and beyond what is expected of me, it means you stay one step ahead of your competition, which in-turn keeps my ideas fresh and out in front. I tell your brand story in fun and engaging ways that are fresh, exciting and memorable. Let’s create a brand story together.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Experience & Expertise

I marry expertise from strategic and creative skillsets with experience from traditional agency and client side backgrounds to deliver results that meet and exceed objectives.
With over 25 years in the design and marketing business I have worked extensively both client and agency side with some of the world’s most recognised brands as well as many unheard of brands from start ups, SMEs, charities, public sector and schools. I’ve worked for big bucks and doughnuts. I’ve turned unknowns into household names. I’ve worked with some great teams and always get as much as I give.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Reliable & Affordable

Safe doesn’t have to mean boring. You can have fun with your brand and experiment with new ideas. Your audience will love it and welcome it. You and your brand will benefit from it. My work comes primarily from reputation and word of mouth, which is why it is so important for me to provide the best possible service within your budget. I will give you a totally new perspective on your brand. One that is almost impossible to see from within. One that will win you new business and have you telling all your friends about me.
I live in the real world and respect client budgets (large or small), timescales (reasonable and ridiculous), and objectives (possible and near impossible). I will keep you updated at every stage of a project and complete each job with outstanding results. If you just want cheap, sorry, you’re not the client for me. If you want results, and someone who is not afraid to experiment with brand, then you are in safe hands.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Questions & Answers

While others focus on getting to the answers I am still asking the questions. I have a process, but not a formula. And it all starts with questions. I define problems, before I solve them, with a focus on objectives and results – not obstacles and numbers. There is a definite method to my madness and this is reflected in my work. I am not afraid to dig deep and uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly. Within this mix I always discover the hidden gems that will drive your brand and business forward.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Marketing & Design

It brings together what I do best. Put simply, when you speak to me you are speaking directly to the person who will not only provide the strategy but also the creative to deliver it to market. No middlemen, no cheesy sales, no getting passed down the line, nothing lost in translation, just 100% me. I manage each project from start to finish and will be your single point of contact throughout.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Brand & Identity

Your brand is unique to you. Before you can build an identity you have to build a brand. All too often design agencies refer to brand or branding as logo design with bolt on stationery. They have little to no knowledge about what a brand really is or how to create and build one. To me brand is everything. It’s quite simply the basis for everything I do. I call it visually led thinking.
I build meaningful brand experiences for you and your customers, paying careful attention to the ‘channels’ and ‘touch points’ that will deliver your brand message. I tell compelling brand stories that will motivate your audience and make them do something positive about it. Only then do I look at creating an identity that will compliment your brand and take it to market.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Work & Reward

My unique no-nonsense, value for money approach gets to the heart of your business, and your brand, to identify clear steps to achieve your sales and marketing goals – whether that’s defining your brand, reaching your market, creating engaging content, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, delivering a clear message, presenting a consistent identity or showing you how to make social media your best friend in business.

My reward goes far beyond rates and I have been entrusted with some incredibly rewarding projects over the years. I do not have enormous overheads, nor expensive taste. I share in the success of my clients. For me the reward is that the more I help you grow, the more I will grow too.

Discover the difference that I can bring to your business, find out more about my approach, my experience, my portfolio, or simply say hello.


Simple & Effective

Just like you, I hate things that are complicated and people who make things more complicated than they should be. Brand communications are no exception. I believe in simplicity; clear, effect, relevant and easy to understand. The results speak for themselves.
What I do is not rocket science, but I’ve been told it’s quite a refreshing approach. It keeps a project focused. It keeps things moving in the right direction and it creates understanding for you, your customers and me. I offer a fully integrated service from Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Digital Online services as well as complementary content including photography and copywriting. When I’m feeling really brave I even turn my hand to illustration work.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Test & Measure

You can’t gauge how well your marketing is doing unless you test and measure it’s performance. Whether online or offline or any other channel I always create campaigns that can be monitored throughout to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. Simple measures put in place that will help you understand what works and what doesn’t and how to improve or maintain a competitive advantage.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Research & Intelligence

Before a brand can be marketed or advertised to your audience or even taken online or mobile it first has to be defined, designed and developed. I start every brand story with a full brand audit to establish exactly where you are right now, where you have come from and where you are going.
I research you, your business and your audiences (both internal and external). I ask the questions that are often overlooked. I dig deep and I always discover hidden gems that will provide focus for your brand. It’s a simple, straight-forward approach but at the same time a well educated and highly intelligent approach that works. It’s called – intellibrand.

Get Fresh Ideas Now

If your brand isn't performing like it should and you are all out of ideas get in touch with me. I can take a fresh look at your brand, your market and your business and provide both strategic and creative ideas to change things around for you. Brand doesn't have to be complicated - which is why I'm not.

Put ‘em up

Consultant Vs Agency

Any top agency is only as good as the man at the top with all the ideas. Why not cut out the agency and go straight to the man himself. Me.

A growing number of clients prefer using a freelance consultant to using a design agency. This is due to a number of common sense benefits. The biggest benefit being that the work delivered by a skilled consultant (with agency experience) can be exactly the same, if not better, as you’d get from a large branding agency but at a fraction of the price. Agencies like to flex their muscles and use their size but just like David and Goliath a freelance consultant will always deliver that killer blow.


Seconds away…

I must state early on that I have enjoyed, and still do enjoy working with a number of agencies that utilise my talent to work on specific projects and brands because they do not have the skills internally or their own resources are overstretched. I am more than happy to work with agencies as myself or seamless as part of their internal team. There will always be clients that will not want to step outside of their agency comfort zone to experience something different. These are often the clients that need consultancy help the most.

The bigger the agency – the bigger the overhead. Telesales, Salesman, Account Manager, Brand Strategist, Marketer, Studio Manager, Creative Director, Designer, Artworker, Photographer, Copywriter and Proofreader – the list goes on. Is it any wonder you can’t get a straight answer to a simple question – how’s my project coming along?

On the one hand this false sense of security may be presented as a benefit with all these people looking after your brand, but in reality the communication often breaks down through a series of Chinese whispers and the brief you deliver is a far cry from the brief the actual designer works on.


When you work with me, you get me (not a middle man). To share and bounce great ideas.

To pick each others brains, to share ideas, to share dreams and to share the rewards. From start to finish and throughout the project you get to work much more closely with me, instead of relaying everything through a salesman or account manager. Because I have lower overheads (sales staff, middle men, oversized premises) I can pass the saving directly to my clients, so we both benefit. If I am working on a project that requires specific knowledge or talent outside of my remit I always collaborate with close friends and colleagues with that desired skill. I never pretend to be something I am not. I know my skill set and I am happy to collaborate with others when additional skills are required. Transparency with my clients is very important to the way I work.

An agency can often look attractive to a client thinking that there is a time saving with distribution of tasks across a project to work on several things simultaneously. Whilst this may look good initially, in reality, the fact is that at some point the client or the agency has to decide which elements are deemed to be less important. This is where the mistakes happen. In any campaign, every stage is important – no matter how small it may be. The devil is always in the detail.

As a freelance consultant I can get the shot with a clear idea in mind or make instant changes to copy on page to suit the layout or improve the message. And when it comes to ideas, I can sit in on your marketing meetings, brainstorming sessions or customer focus groups and deliver ideas direct for instant debate and feedback. I rarely turn up for a meeting with out my trusted pencil and paper and as for my strategic ideas and creative, well, my clients tell me they’re knockout too!


An agency will rob you blind – I’ll work with you and your budget

If it all comes down to price and value for money – a freelance consultant wins hands down. Why pay for expensive offices, middle management, account directors, sales staff and the rest of the board? I guess the choice is yours. But before you make it, get in touch with me and let’s talk about your ideas and objectives. Only then will you be able to get a feel for the way I work and how it will directly benefit you. Plus I get to meet you too. If we are going to be working together it is just as important to me to work with like-minded people. It will make for a much better outcome and create a profitable working relationship for both or us. All I can promise is that I will shed blood, sweat and tears to make sure you and your brand come out on top.

British Telecom Microsoft Harrods BAA Sony

Pick n Mix

My Services

I offer a full range of integrated strategic and creative services that together help my clients to build, design, develop and manage their brand with outstanding results. Let’s add value to your brand!

The beauty of a fully integrated approach to marketing means that rather than steering you towards one particular marketing channel – which may or may not be right for your business, or outsourcing various elements of a campaign (with less control) – I’ll recommend and execute a strategy that involves the media that best suits the needs of your brand.


Want to know what your customers and staff say about you when you are not in the room? – one word, Intellibrand.


Stuck for ideas? Need a fresh outside perspective? I can brainstorm with you and your team and get the best from both.


Need a strategy? Want to take away the guess-work? Need a highly targeted marketing plan based on market intelligence? – Intellibrand


What’s in a name? I will help you decide on a great, memorable and identifiable brand name that will do a lot of the hard work for you.


What does your identity say about your brand? I will develop your brand identity with far more than just a logo to provide instant recognition for your brand.


Do you do it? How do you do it? Is it working for you? Is it distinctive, clever, MAD? I can transform your advertising and improve returns.


Need a killer design? Need more stand-out in your market? Extra oomph? I pride myself on creating something very different.


Lost for words? Know what you want to say but how to say it? I can offer clarity and a friendly tone-of-voice.


Want to say it in pictures? You tell me what you are trying to say and I will art direct, shoot it or both.


Want more from the web? Need to go mobile? Let me help you develop a responsive website that your customers will love.


Still wasting money on print? Want a better alternative and rich media features? I can take your brand digital with endless possibilities.

Social Media

Do you tweet? Do you blog? Do your customers follow you, like you or connect with you socially? I can turn your brand into your best friend.

10 Key questions every business asks of their brand.
(PLUS – how I can help to make them happen!)

Check them out for yourself –


“How can we blend science and creativity to give us a new perspective?”

My story is simple. I work hard and I play hard. Bringing together the science of clever thinking with the fun of creative ideas. It’s this blend of right-brain and left-brain that produces such wonderful results.

Strategy and creativity are no longer optional in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Now considered essential to maintaining a competitive edge, many businesses are seeking ways to unleash new perspectives and fresh thinking about their products, markets, challenges and competitors. This is where I come in. And things start to get very exciting.



“Where can we find someone that really understands us and can offer expert help and advice?

Clients always look to me for the answers, but most of the time they haven’t understood the question. I have a wealth of experience in business branding and I am not afraid to ask the questions other shy away from. Before I present the answers and options I take out all the padding and concentrate on what matters most.

I guide you through the process with confidence and passion. With me by your side you will be empowered to take your brand to new heights. I provide vibrant thinking bringing experience and expertise to the table, and I forge long-term partnerships, working alongside my clients for many years.



“How can we stop competing on price – we know our product is better quality?”

Only one competitor can be the cheapest in their market. The rest have to rely on their brand. Build your brand correctly and you will build brand value. Build brand value and you can increase price and profit.

Sounds simple on paper but there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done. Before you can build a brand you have to understand who you are, what you are and why it matters. When you work with me – expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved too. Nobody knows your brand like you do, so it’s the perfect place to start.



“Our vision of the future has become blurred. How can we refocus the business?

An unfocused brand is one that is so generic that it doesn’t actually stand for anything. A focused brand, by contrast, knows exactly what it is, why it is different and why customers want it.

A focused brand means that your customers keep returning, you’re able to charge a higher price for your services, and you get more word-of-mouth referrals. In order to refocus your brand I run a complete brand audit – Intellibrand – on where it is now and it’s relationship with all the stakeholders as well as identifying new opportunities and the best routes to market.



“How can we use our brand to retain and attract the best people?”

Many brands fail to reach their full potential because they are not fully understood or supported by important internal audiences or the ambassadors that flagship the brand. So before undertaking any outside marketing research with consumers, it’s critical to first build the brand from within. Churn is a serious issue and costly one for a lot of businesses.

Most businesses need good people to enable the business to grow effectively and efficiently. Through better staff involvement at every level, communicating your difference to your market will become second nature. Instead of having a shortage of staff, a strong brand will have great people queuing round the block to work for you.



“Our business has grown without any plan behind us – How can we find the right direction moving forward?

With growth through success a lot of businesses can find that they have grown sideways and diluted the core offering that differentiated them from their competition in the first place. This leaves the door wide open for other, new, businesses to fill the gap. In diluting your presence in the market your brand will also become confusing to your customers and even your own staff.

Having a plan in place, that will allow for flexibility, will ensure consistent delivery of your brand via all online and offline channels. I will help you create a blue print and foundation for future growth. Then make it happen too.



“How do we follow through on our promises, to become the trusted leaders of our market?

A brand is a source of a promise to its customers. It promises relevant differentiated benefits. It does so not only to place itself into the purchase consideration set, but even more importantly, to be the brand chosen from that purchase consideration set. This is also sometimes referred to as the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP).

While brand identity and advertising campaigns are important, they are only effective to the extent that they reinforce an underlying promise that is compelling to the brand’s target audience. I will help you deliver and keep your promises.



“How do we get our brand to be fit and healthy for whatever tomorrow may bring?”

A healthy brand equals a healthy business but many businesses don’t know or understand the health of their brand. Ask yourself this; when did you last step outside and look back in on your brand from a fresh angle? How does your staff see your brand from the inside? Is your brand experience as exciting as it could be for your customers?

I will help analyse your products and services, environments, communications and behaviours and will provide you with a written prescription to put your brand on the road to recovery. A fit and healthy brand adds momentum and energy to your business and prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow.



“How will we ensure our customers see us for who we are and what we represent?

Just like people, all brands have a personality. Whether it is shallow and instrumental or deep, emotionally charged and carefully managed. This personality is crucial. Why? Personality is the concept to give life to a brand, to manage ‘identity and image’, to create likeability, and to engage with an audience.

I use the right tone of voice and simple words and pictures to create a lively image of your brand personality that is absolutely clear to everyone. It takes you beyond the strategic words that are too abstract to manage a brand in daily business and beyond the strict guidelines that are too inflexible for innovation. It humanises your brand and creates new friends.



“How can my logo say everything I want it to say about my business?”

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles that together, form a perceived image for your business or products. A logo is the entry point and the shortcut to the brand for your mind. One major role in the ‘brand’ or ‘corporate image’ of a company is its identity and presentation.

In most cases, identity design is based around the visual devices used within a company, usually assembled within a set of guidelines. These guidelines that make up an identity usually administer how the identity is applied throughout a variety of mediums. These guidelines ensure that the identity of the company is kept coherent, which in turn, allows the brand as a whole, to be recognisable.


Eye Candy


I have enjoyed telling brand stories for over 25 years, to many different audiences, across many different channels, via many different touch points. Here is a small glimpse of some of the brands, projects, companies and campaigns that I have had the pleasure to be part of. Enjoy.


    If it works, push it hard. If it doesn't, start over.

    love it or hate it - just don't own a brand that creates no emotion at all

    Sizzle only sells for so long. You need to feed your market and invite their friends for dinner

    If it feels good for you and your customer, don't experiment, just enjoy the ride

    Every brand can benefit from an outside perspective, let me see what can be done to improve yours


What do I charge?

If you’re looking for a brand consultant with a background of working both agency and client side, to deliver agency thinking and agency creative without the agency price tag, you’re in the right place.

I am totally transparent with my consultancy fees. I offer an hourly charge for smaller jobs and updates or a daily rate to cover most projects. If you need a super hero at any time I also offer a rush rate 24/7 to save the day.


Added Value.

My clients come to me because of the value I bring to their business. My hourly or daily rates include all services whether brand and marketing, advertising and design, web and digital or copywriting and photography. Or indeed a complete mix of all services as a fully integrated campaign.

Flexible Working.

I book 7 hours per day in advance. This leaves an hour free for housekeeping (calls, emails and even lunch). Please note I am not a nine-to-fiver but I try to plan a good work life balance. This flexibility means I have time to accommodate any last minute jobs that come my way.

Simple Terms.

I don’t do small print and exhausting t’s and c’s so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I simply require a 50% deposit and a signed purchase order on all projects, before work can begin. I invoice the balance of each project on completion or at agreed intervals over longer campaigns with standard 30 days payment terms.

Results Driven.

By evaluating your brand’s core strengths and weaknesses, understanding customer journeys and identifying how your audiences engage, I can determine a strategy with clearly defined objectives that will enhance the value and return on investment of every marketing activity that you do.

Budget Focused.

Many clients have a fixed budget, entrepreneurial spirit and a wish list. I use both Method & Madness to build brands that make a difference commercially, culturally & socially. I work within any fixed budget to transform client dreams into a profitable reality.


Hey, click on the tabs below for my different rates:

I charge £50.00 per hour / £350.00 per day booked

I work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Whether working direct with your Marketing Team or providing valuable marketing expertise direct to the Managing Director or CEO.

(As much as I would like to, I can’t accept sweets and chocolate as a payment method. Neither my accountant nor my dentist agrees with it.)


I charge £40.00 per hour / £280.00 per day booked

I like working with agencies and my rates are reduced to reflect the work that has already been done before I get to the table. (the nitty gritty sales bit and the ongoing account management).

My relationship with agencies is simple. They get the work and I do it. They charge for their time, I charge for mine. We both do well out of it and the client gets the best of both world’s.


I charge £75.00 per hour / No daily rate for rush work

I work in advertising and have done for many years. I understand the demands and the need for last minute changes or additions.

I pride my self on being able to get my clients and agencies out of jail by providing 24/7 help when it is needed. All I ask in return is a rush rate to reflect my time. For last minute rush jobs I charge £75 per hour.


Guaranteed Price for the Job

I ask for a full written brief or a client/agency meeting with you to discuss the job or campaign and to ensure that I understand what your objectives are and what your schedule and deadline is. I can then provide a full written quote for the entire job/campaign along with a schedule to make sure that you are happy with the costs and the timing.

I am also happy to look at any brief based on an allocated budget and provide an outline of what can be delivered within a fixed budget. Basically I will do what I can to help but will always be up front about costs and timing.


Short Term Contract (in-house or outsourced)

Whether you are a business or an agency you will know just how expensive it can be to recruit staff for short term contracts. Whether it is to cover maternity leave, extended sick leave or to take the pressure off a busy period, I can provide my skills where they will be needed most.

I can work in-house at your premises or remotely from my studio to free up desk space. I offer fixed rates whether one day a week or a block of time to cover the contract. get in touch and tell me what you need.


BSkyB Pearson Education Siemens NHS Texas Instruments


Help & Support for Start Ups

!Spank is a specialist design and marketing service aimed at start ups to offer them the best start in life as well as ongoing support to grow their brand.

Launching a brand spanking new business, product, service or any other idea can be hard work without the right support. Design and marketing is often overlooked as a direct cost rather than the key to success!

Ok, you have an idea, a good one, a great one, but have you thought it through? Have you tested it, broken it and put it back together again? Have you looked at it from your customers perspective? Have you checked out the competition? Do you know your audience? I mean really know them – right down to individual customer level? Do you have a business plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Are you launching a business, a brand, a product, a service? There are a lot of things that we need to get straight first, and then we can begin the process of building your idea and preparing it ready for launch.


My rates for start ups are reduced to help you launch without worrying about the cost. I plan to build a relationship that will prove to be a huge success for both of us.

Let’s talk and get things off to the best start.


Every successful brand started out with an idea. They became a success because they were prepared to take the risk and invest in their idea.

Where do we start ?

I offer full marketing and branding services with my flagship – Intellibrand – brand audit, perfectly positioned to provide you with the intelligence required to launch with confidence. You will need a plan (Intellibrand will do this bit), you will need promotional literature, advertising, a website (which could range from a simple site to full ecommerce) but initially to get the ball rolling you will need a killer brand (name and identity) and of course a business card.


Why so much emphasis on brand ?

Well, as a start up your access to suppliers, customers and prospects will either be face-to-face networking (where the business card will need to impress) or via email or letter (where a brand identity needs to stand out and be memorable). Nearly all potential or existing customers will then ‘check you out’ online and visit your website. (which of course has to impress too – not just functionality wise, but also to be branded with the right identity, image and tone-of-voice).


So how does !Spank work ?

Essentially spank offers everything you need to take your brand to market. Whether that includes a little help or lot of help. You may already have a name in mind. You may not. Even so, it is important to first establish who and what your market is and where you fit in. I will provide a full Intellibrand audit to discover the opportunities available and to establish a position in the market and profile your potential customer.

Then I can look at whether your brand name is suitable and make any changes as required. Once we have a name we take control of the name across all channels and register the name fully. Then we go about building the brand identity and rolling out the brand across all appropriate channels. Once your brand built and delivered to market we test and measure all activities to maintain and grow your position in the market.


What does it cost to get it all started ?

Every client is different. Every brand is different. There is not a one-size fits all approach to launching a brand. Some will need more than others. Some, just help and guidance along the way. Equally, you may be a one-man (or woman) band just getting started with little to no resources and funding. You may be an established company launching a new product to market. Each will have a different requirement and as such a different price.

I can offer fixed pricing for an entire !Spank launch package or can break it down to individual activities. I am also more than happy to work within your outlined budget and provide a !Spank campaign to meet your budget requirements. Either way I make it affordable from the start and put my efforts into making your brand a success.


But I’m only small !

Brilliant. Me too. I may have worked with the biggest and best brands out there but I built my portfolio on a staple diet of small start ups just like you. Besides, size doesn’t matter! Every one of those big brands out there started out as a simple idea. I thrive in small, high energy teams with a strong work ethic to build and drive continuous improvement through fresh ideas and unique ways of thinking. To me – the smaller the better. There is only one way to go – UP! – so let’s go !Spank the competition together!

Website Design

Online branding, content marketing, digital communications and website design.

Blowing my own trumpet

Each completed project makes me even more hungry, hungry for the next brand, the next client, the next challenge and hungry for the next cake and coffee. As a result I deliver a better brand experience with outstanding results. I also get to try some really nice cakes too!

Marketing Consultancy
Brand Design and Development
Advertising Campaigns
Social Media
Copywriting & Photography
Clever ideas
Digital Brochures
Website Design
Packaging & POS
Promotional Literature
Event & Exhibition
Passion for Cake and Coffee


Pro Bono Services for Not for Profit

FREE design and marketing support, help and expert advice for local charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Let’s face it, not many of us look forward to Mondays. Well MAD Monday aims to change that at least once a month. Call me MAD (most do), but I have always been keen on giving my time to help others. MAD Monday is a pet project that I have been contemplating for a while now. Basically, I’ll be offering my services pro-bono (that’s free-of-charge to you), to charities and not-for-profit organisations in and around my hometown of Bishop’s Stortford on the last Monday of every month. Just to bring a ray of sunshine to people that deserve some extra help.


The people I work for on MAD Mondays will have my skills and expertise, in house for 8 hours (9am to 5pm). I’ll consult, advise, critique, brainstorm, design, develop and generally help out with your Branding, Marketing, Advertising to include Web Design, SEO, Social Media Strategies and all things Digital as well as drinking copious amounts of their coffee.


Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Pick me. Pick me.

I’ll pick a new charity each month to visit, and after my trip, I’ll produce an overview report on the day looking at what was discussed, what opportunities are available and the strategies that will help the charity achieve their goals.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Why give it away for free?

My reason for doing this is simple. I genuinely enjoy what I do and I love to help people and make a difference. I constantly hear of charities and not for profits that have a big heart, big ideas but only small pockets. Many lack the expertise to drive their message to market and often lack experience of digital technologies – whether it relates to responsive website design for mobile and tablet users, making the most of organic SEO or simply keeping a blog up to date. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to stay afloat or you are in desperate need of saving. I can help.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

What help will I get?

Lots of charities, for instance, want to know how to get their site ranking higher on Google or need to know how they can improve their social media range. How to increase awareness locally, host an event or build their brand. During the day I’ll cover a little bit of everything and teach your team how to get the best out of what they have already. If larger changes are required I will look at marketing plans to raise the funds and awareness to make it happen.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Book ‘em Danno.

If you’d like to make a request to book me for a MAD Monday, then please contact me as soon as possible and we can get things in place. I don’t believe in too much corporate etiquette, I’d rather talk to you directly in person, ideally over a beer. I have to limit my number of MAD Monday Clients (and my beers) to ensure you get the best from me.
So give me a call on 07785 57 55 52 or send me an email to with all your details.

Brand MAD - Branding Marketing Advertising Digital Hertfordshire & Essex

Luck of the draw.

I’m not completely MAD – despite what you may have heard. I gain a lot from meeting new people and sharing ideas and find the process equally rewarding. I won’t have the time to make it to every single charity who contact me, so if I can’t make it to your charity, I apologise in advance. But rest assured that I will get round to you. I will pick charities and not-for-profit organisations on a random basis.


A simple, logical model that maximises time and resources to help each client to define their brand story and tell it in their own unique voice.

Here’s the thing. Too many agencies and freelancers tend to overstretch themselves and their work suffers as a result. I have a simple, possibly MAD, solution to this problem. I have decided never to work with more than 13 lucky clients. A bold statement maybe, but a well thought through strategy.

This means every one of my ‘LUCKY 13’ clients get hands-on attention from me at all times.

If you stop and think about this for a minute…

How can an agency possibly work with several clients in any one sector and maintain that they will position that client as the best in market? It just doesn’t ring true. Only one company can be the cheapest, the others have to rely on brand.

My approach, as stated throughout my website, is to work together, closely, in order to build your brand, find your strengths and position you in your market to get the best result. When needed to, I have also been known to pull rabbits out of hats!

I cannot give you 100% if I am also working with several of your competitors. So, if you are thinking of asking me – who else have you worked with in our industry? – Forget it. My focus is on you and your success. The rest can sit back and wish they found me first!

Promises, promises…

You may have been promised this before by other agencies and designers only to be let down or passed over when the shiny new client comes along. Not me, I would rather build long-term relationships and focus 100% on my core ‘LUCKY 13’ clients than spend valuable time and resources seeking new clients on a constant basis. It just makes good sense.

Better the devil you know…

My ‘LUCKY 13’ client rule means you get to work with the person you meet in the pitch. And since I rarely pitch I’m able to keep my attention on existing clients, not potential ones – as it should be. With every client I start from the beginning and carefully build their brand story. The more I work with our clients the more I learn. The more I learn, the better I become. It’s a good methodology that allows relationships to blossom and to fully understand you and your market. The results naturally speak for themselves and I am proud to work with local, national and international clients at every level.

So, do you feel lucky? Let’s start a story together.

Get in touch

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my website. I hope you found my methods and madness a little different. If you have enjoyed your visit please get in touch and we can talk about you, your brand, or just the price of eggs!

Only one product or service can be the cheapest – the rest have to rely on their BRAND!

What, precisely, is your advertising selling?

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To find out more about how I can work with you to create and manage a long-term brand communications strategy for your business – call me on 07785 57 55 52 or send me an email. I look forward to working with you.